Hendon Christian Housing Association

Repairs - your responsibilities


Your repair responsibilities          

Your tenancy agreement states that there are a number of responsibilities and minor repairs that lie with you. These include the following:

o   Keeping your home clean.

o   Preventing and not causing damage to the property. If you, or your family, have damaged something, the Association will carry out the repair and you will be recharged for the repairs in line with our Recharge Policy.

o   Decorating – all internal decoration at the property (excluding retirement and supported housing accommodation). If you live in a newly built property you cannot decorate for the first 12 months.

o   Light fittings – for replacing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, starter motors to strip lights & fuses within your home

o   Electrical appliances -maintaining all tenants’ own electrical appliances

o   Trip Switches -resetting trip switches on fuse boxes

o   WC seat – replacing toilet seats

o   Doors - adjusting, replacing doors locks, and handles

o   Lost Keys

o   White Goods – tenants are to maintain their own kitchen equipment such as fridges, cookers, washing machines and make sure that all appliances are properly ventilated

o   Preventing blockages - keeping toilets, sinks and basins free of obstructions by not flushing down items likely to cause a blockage. (If blockages are investigated and found to be the fault of the tenant, the cost of the external drainage works will be recharged).

o   Plugs and chains - replacing plugs and chains on sinks and wash hand basins.

o   Heating – Setting of heating controls and relighting boilers

o   Windows - cleaning of windows, replacing lost window keys, opening 'trickle' vents, re-glazing.

o   Flooring – Tenants own floor covering

o   Fittings - such as curtain rails, hooks & shelves

o   Pests - Treating the following household pests; mice and rats, moths, wasps, ants, beetles, fleas, bedbugs etc. (The Association will treat block infestations when more than 3 flats have been infested. The infestation will be investigated and if found to be the fault of a tenant, the cost of the treatment to the block will be recharged).

o   Gardening - maintaining the garden if it is your sole responsibility. Cutting grass, maintaining shrubs, small trees, paths, washing lines & garden sheds. Some properties have shared gardens which are your responsibility. Please check the tenancy agreement.

o   Preventing Condensation and Damp - taking reasonable steps to prevent condensation by maintaining a good level of ventilation, not drying clothes indoors on radiators, properly ventilating the kitchen when cooking and bathroom when showering or bathing, making sure that window trickle vents are clear and free flowing.

More Detailed information on Condensation and Damp Can be found at the foot of this page. 

o   Allowing us to enter your home to carry out repairs that are our responsibility.

o   Asking for our permission before undertaking any alterations or improvements to your home, which includes erecting satellite dishes or aerials.

o   We do not give permission for tenants to lay laminate flooring.